5 Exciting Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Cash

Is Making Money More Challenging for Today’s Teens?

Traditional teenage jobs like newspaper delivery have become less relevant, partly due to child labor laws. However, there are still opportunities for teenagers to make money with a little creativity and by tapping into non-conventional sources. We’ve gathered some unique ideas that go beyond the typical fast-food or retail jobs. So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best jobs for teenagers!

1. Become a Babysitter

Become a BabysitterBabysitting can be a lucrative option, with earnings often exceeding $10 per hour. Plus, the working conditions are typically better than most part-time jobs. To excel as a babysitter, it’s essential to enjoy spending time with children, and having CPR certification can be an added advantage.

To get started, spread the word in your community about your babysitting services. As you gain experience, word-of-mouth referrals will lead to more gigs. Alternatively, you can sign up on websites like Care.com, which provides a background check system, allowing you to ask for higher compensation.


2. Online Surveys

Online SurveysWhile online surveys may not always pay in cash, they can be a simple way for teens to earn rewards or gift cards. Here are a few survey sites to consider:

  • iSurvey World: Watch videos, answer survey questions, and play games to earn rewards, with a $5 sign-up bonus.
  • InboxDollars: Take short surveys and get a $5 sign-up bonus.
  • Survey Junkie: A reputable site that pays in cash for taking surveys.
  • MyPoints: Complete online surveys and receive points, which can be converted into Amazon or retail gift cards.

3. Swagbucks

SwagbucksSwagbucks is a platform that offers cash rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, and browsing the web. It’s a simple way to earn extra cash without leaving your home. While the earnings may not be substantial, consistency pays off, and small amounts add up. Teens as young as 13 can sign up with this site.

4. Rakuten

RakutenIf you’re an avid online shopper, Rakuten can help you earn extra cash effortlessly. This platform provides discounts and cashback when you shop online. It’s free to use, and it works by sharing the commission with you whenever you make a purchase through their platform. It’s a straightforward way to earn money while doing something you’d be doing anyway – shopping online. Plus, you’ll get a $10 bonus just for signing up!

5. Start a Blog

Start a BlogBlogging is a fantastic way for teenagers to turn their interests into a potential source of income. You can start a blog as a hobby and gradually turn it into a side hustle or even a promising career. The key is to choose a topic you’re genuinely passionate about, whether it’s sports, health, makeup, movies, or any other niche. Regular content updates, which can include articles, podcasts, or videos, are essential for building an audience.

As your blog grows, you can monetize it through Google AdSense, affiliate programs, or sponsorships. Remember, blogs take time to establish, so starting as a teenager allows you ample time to build a successful online presence.

In summary, there are various options for teenagers to earn extra cash. Try out different methods to discover what works best for you. Best of luck in your money-making endeavors!

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